Repetitious I know but…

Brown/cream seersucker

Shirt #11 (seersucker)

…I’m tickled my son is well dressed with shirts that fit beautifully and he’s proud to wear. 

He is visiting with us this weekend and I presented him the three latest shirts.  He mentioned he now wears nothing but mom-made shirts to work.  He’s demoted his purchased knit shirts to weekend wear until I make enough casual ones to fill the bill.  He admitted his first choice for weekend wear is also mom-made shirts.  I’m so glad he acquired another this visit.  He certainly knows how to push my buttons and encourage me to make more.  At this point, I could construct them in my sleep!

Shirt #11 is brown stripes on cream colored seersucker with rounded button-down collar, horizontal cut pocket, yoke and collar accented with a paisley inner collar band.  It has a rounded shirt tail hem and antique mother-of-pearl buttons.

In the stash, there is currently fabric for making 5 more office shirts and several casual ones.  I’ll continue to make them until Jake tells me to stop or I get sick of the process.

This week, I decided I want to try my hand at making a blazer for Jacob to wear to some of the meetings he attends.  I’ve selected a medium weight midnight blue denim for a casual but dressy look.  I hope it will look nice over jeans for casual wear or khaki, gray, black or blue slacks for a dressier look  After ordering and receiving all the supplies and fabrics (denim, lining, interfacing, sleeve heads and shoulder pads) I’m ready to study several purchased patterns for hints, tricks, techniques and instructions in hopes of a successful endeavor.  Thus far and sadly, I’ve found little help in searching the Net.  Guess I’ll just figure it out or make a ‘wadder’.

Tomato production continues and I’ve canned 7 more pints this week.  Each evening, I persevere constructing units to add to the Urban Renewal quilt.  It’s an extreme labor-intensive project and a good test of patience.

Yes, life is simple here on our hill.  We like it that way!


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