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Nugget 08-23-11

Nugget is our oldest furry son and respected Elder Lord of the Four-Leggers.

He loves nothing better than spending his weekly allowance at a fast food drive-thru for his very own Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger (with mayo, no veggies).

He’s a Lab/Goldie mix and a much loved, dear loyal fella.

(b. 3/2002)

(d.  7/2012)


After a short illness, our beloved Nugget lost his life to cancer today.  His beautiful free spirit and complete loyalty remained intact until the very end and we will miss him totally.  Nug demanded nothing and gave all to the 2- and 4-leggers he loved.  As my heart aches with this loss, I rejoice at having shared his life.  Rest my friend.  We’ll meet again.