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Wild Goose Chase – Started January 10, 2016

2/6/16 – 94 triangle units are made and block assembly will begin tomorrow.  I have enough triangles to make a sofa-sized quilt.  When these units are assembled, I’ll decide if I want to increase the top size by making more blocks or by adding borders.


 1/18/16 – Have assembled 30 triangle units.  The toughest challenge is deciding which fabrics to pair together.  Enjoying the process and fondling my favorite fabric in the stash.

1/10/16 – Developed a foundation paper pattern, templates for cutting and began piecing ‘Wild Goose Chase’.  This photo shows 4 foundation paper pieced triangle units.  Because I’m new at this technique, the progress is slow but I’m gaining speed with each unit I make.  I like the technique and though this is a fairly simple pattern, I realize how using this technique can result in some very intricate designs.  Fun!


1/19/21 – After much time away from quilting (mostly spent knitting), I dug out this unfinished top, my big tote of batik fabric and found the file on my computer of the paper patterns.  I printed off a few dozen and proceeded to sew.  Little did I realize when I printed the patterns, they were 1/4″ smaller than the original design.  Sadly, I sewed a little more than a dozen triangleblocks before making the discovery.  OH WELL!  I’ll be using those blocks to make a dog quilt!

I made the size correction and have made more triangles.  I’m currently adding them (by hand) to the unfinished quilt top and enjoying watching it grow and grow.


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