Another shirt and mo’ tomatoes

Gecko shirt

Shirt #10 (quilting cotton)

Same o’, same o’ going on around here this week.  I continue making shirts.

This one is a gecko and pebbles print Jake picked out several years ago.  He’s always been partial to gecko prints.  Since he mentioned wanting more weekend/casual shirts, I decided to make this one.

This shirt features an all over print (no contrasting fabric), rounded collar and straight, vented hem.  The buttons are antique mother-of-pearl I purchased a couple of decades ago.  I bought the buttons by-the-pound and have a Tupperware container full.  They are truly wonderful; unlike any made today.

The more I look at this shirt, the more I think it would be perfect if one wanted to hide in a red ant mound.  Camo!

I don’t know why it seems these casual shirts are much easier to assemble than the office shirts… it’s the same pattern!  The only difference is a straight vented vs. a rounded, shirt-tail hem.  Both take equal effort.

I’m glad to have the ‘break’ in making office wear.  I do enjoy patterned, colorful fabric and plan to make several more ‘fun’ shirts.

Next up is an office shirt made with brown/cream stripped seersucker.  It’s cut out, the mother-of-pearl buttons are selected and it’s ready to sew.

I was able to can 6 more pints of tomatoes and the kitchen double windowsill is full of more.  Tomorrow morning I will go out and pick even more.  It will be time to can again in a day or two.  Looking forward to it.


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