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Tumbling Stars – started early 2013


After piecing a Grandmother’s Flower Garden, I craved to start another English Paper Piecing project.  I’ve always been fond of Tumbling Blocks pattern but I’ve already made a scrappy one and decided I would make this one in a star layout.

I’ve collected batik fabric for a while and have a nice selection.  I decided to make Tumbling Stars with two-tone batik stars and black Kona background.

This is the project that keeps my hands busy as I watch movies and relax at night.  It is currently 1/2 queen size.

Tumbling Stars

Tumbling Stars

November, 2013:  I’ve finished piecing the main body of the quilt and to even up the edges, I’ve begun appliqueing onto a plain black border.  Have I ever mentioned how I feel about appliqueing?  No?  Well, I COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY DISLIKE APPLIQUEING!  At this point, one side is done.  I’m itching to do something completely different.

I have a feeling this top will take a ‘time out’ in the closet before it’s done.

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By Sandy White Tue May 14th 2013 at 4:27 pm  

Oh, beautiful!

By Shel Mon Sep 2nd 2013 at 7:40 am  

Gorgeous! I love the black background….really makes the stars pop!

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