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1983 – Jacob’s Ladder


Though I’ve always been partial to scrappy quilts, there was a time when I was swayed by fabric and color trends.  This quilt represents one of those times.

Because my son’s name is Jacob, I felt compelled to make a Jacob’s Ladder quilt in the popular color scheme.  This top was machine pieced.

At the time, I would often spend weekends with my grandmother and help her quilt some of her many quilt tops.  I finally successfully talked her into helping me quilt one of mine and this is the one we did together.

It is single bed sized with lofty batting and a white backing hand quilted with white thread.  The backing was brought around to the front to serve as a border/binding.

Today, her large stitches are very precious to me and I love the contrast between her stitches and mine.  It makes this otherwise ho-hum quilt very special.

Jacob's Ladder - 1984

Jacob’s Ladder – 1984

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By Shel Mon Sep 2nd 2013 at 7:33 am  

There truly is nothing ‘ho-hum’ about this quilt!!

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