A little new, a little same-ol’

New roof - almost done

New roof – almost done

What happened to my peaceful, quiet, predictable life?

Roofers arrived a week ago and continue to bang, pound, yell, cuss, etc. starting VERY early each morning.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t sleep through it and since I do my best sleeping in the morning, I’m walking around sleep deprived and emotionally spent.  If things go according to plan, the job SHOULD be done today.  I certainly hope so!

Since tomato canning has ended, I’ve spent time this week thinking about pressure canning.  With thoughts of making meal preparation easier, I’m planning to can ingredients to include in my own recipes and new ones.  I love this adventure and the ease of taking a jar of fresh food (without chemicals or additives), heating it and eating!  Nothing commercially canned comes close to the flavor of home canned foods.

Black-n-white gingham seersucker

Shirt #12 (gingham seersucker)

This week, I prepared Mexican Charro Beans (using 2 lbs. of dry pintos) and pressure canned 7 quart jars.  I only had to partially cook them before putting into jars and pressure canning.  They smelled terrific during the process and we plan to try a jar this weekend.  I made up the recipe so I hope it’s good.

Next, I plan to can some flavored boneless chicken.  It will be so handy to use for making enchiladas, tacos, chicken spaghetti, chicken salad, etc. and will drastically cut meal prep time.

I only did a little sewing this week and made this black and white baby gingham seersucker (phew!) shirt for Jacob.  It has a shark collar and the inner yoke, collar stand (inside and out) and backside of collar are made of batik from my stash.  The pocket and outside yoke are cut on the bias for interest.  Though it’s near impossible to photograph, it turned out nice and should offer him years of wear.

For the next sewing project, I’ve begun developing and altering a pattern for a casual shirt with a very different (not so classic) construction.  If I don’t give up, it should be ready for a first fitting soon.  Fingers are crossed.

We’re enjoying a visit from Jacob this weekend so there’s joking, laughing and good eating all around.  Here’s hoping your weekend is equally as joyous.


UPDATE:  I opened a jar of Charro Beans to serve with our BBQ pork rib dinner.  OH MY STARS!!!  I’ve eaten Charro Beans at darned near every Mexican restaurant I’ve ever visited, and (not to pat myself on the back) these are the best I’ve EVER tasted.  Both Bob and Jake loved them and want me to can lots more.

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