Best laid plans . . .

After knitting a few washcloths, I had intended to knit more socks with the two irresistible skeins of yarn I recently ordered and received.

Then the phone rang….

My neighbor (whose daughter is pregnant) called to inform me her daughter is expecting a girl and they wanted to give me as much notice as possible so I could make something nice.  HUH?  Who said I was planning to make ANYthing?  Sheesh!

Although the baby isn’t due until November, the shower is planned for mid-September.  As the conversation continued, I got the feeling they were of the mindset I would happily make and give a complete layette.  Uhhh, I barely know these people and only well enough to call them acquaintances!

Since the nicest thing I am willing to make is a blanket, I ordered the yarn and started the project.  After knitting with fingering-weight yarn on size 0 needles, switching to worsted-weight yarn on size 10 needles has taken a bit of adjustment.  (Feels like knitting heavy rope with baseball bats!)

The photo shows 2 days into the project.  Frankly, I’m less than enthused about the yarn and pattern but it is what it is.  Though I’m getting little pleasure in making it, I won’t be ashamed to give it.  Thankfully, it is nearing half finished.

I’m looking so forward to returning to making socks for recipients who are ‘knit worthy’!


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