Finished is better than perfect!

Though FAR from perfect, the socks are FINALLY finished!!  Hallelujah!

I found knitting the second sock more relaxed and easier than the first and can find only 1 visible mistake (which I didn’t notice until the sock was finished).  It took nearly as long (a week) to knit the second but I devoted less attention to it.  I’ve done other things besides knitting since starting it.

My next challenge is trying to convince myself to walk away from wool and needles to concentrate on shirt making.  There is already a dress shirt cut out and ready to sew.

This weekend, my clothes washer died.  Naturally, it was filled with water, soap and dirty clothes when it quit so I’ve spent the past 2 days hand washing jeans and other soppy, heavy clothes.  Thankfully, nothing was extremely soiled. Sadly, I don’t have a clothesline so the dryer has worked extra hard drying things that are only wrung out.  DS is already on the lookout for a replacement washer.

Thank goodness I was able to save a little money last month because the bank account will be taking a hit.  For the price of appliances these days, it’s ashamed they don’t last longer.

Hope your week is joyous (without appliance surprises)!


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