Living alone

The other day as I was figuring my taxes (a chore Bob always handled), I began thinking about how I have so little time for doing the artsy/craftsy things I love.  Though I still sew and knit a little (haven’t touched quilting in months!), I’m usually ignoring something else that really needs to be done, causing those small pleasures to be sprinkled with guilt.

When DH was alive, I often thought he spent SOOO much time being idle.  Now that I have taken over the tasks he usually handled, I more appreciate how much he actually did.  I’ve come to realize just how spoiled I was!!

Though I made the lists and deposits slips, he took care of grocery shopping and banking.  I’ve learned that food shopping takes HOURS each week (and I don’t like doing it!).  I was nearly always the home cook (unless he grilled) but he always cleaned the kitchen.  I still cook balanced meals each day but nearly as much time is devoted to cleaning up.  He also handled all the animal care now left to me.  With the arrival of Spring, he’s no longer available to mow around the house.  Along with trash disposal, mowing has also fallen to me.  I’m certainly beginning to understand why widows/widowers often jump into a new marriage.  Unless one’s nose is constantly to the grindstone, it take 2 people to maintain a normal, civilized life.

No, I’m not complaining.  Frankly, I’m absolutely NOT interested in re-marrying.  I gave this one everything I had and I don’t mind being alone.  I’ll figure out how to keep up with the chores or may luck into finding a cheap handyman to hire.  Until then, I’ll be happy with little snatches of me time.

I do have a couple of things I’ve made in the past weeks and will include photos of them in the next blog post.

Have a joyous week!


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