Sewing and knitting


As I finished, washed and photographed the two newest shirts for Jacob, I was surprised to realize no new shirts were made since December, 2015.  That poor guy has done without new ‘Mama made’ shirts for over a year!

During a quick chat last night, I asked him if any of his shirts need repairs (loose seams, missing buttons, etc.) and he said they are holding up surprising well.  I know they are receiving good care and I’m happy he is still enjoying them.  He’s often wearing one when he drives here after work and I’m pleased to see ’em in action.

The new shirts are made using the usual seersucker he loves. I suspect he likes the ease of care and breathability of this 100% cotton fabric.

The first one pictured is red/white/turquoise/blue stripes with a bias pocket and back yoke.  As I was hemming the pocket, I noticed how the hem offered an interesting zig and zag and since this is yarn-dyed fabric (looks identical front and back), I turned the hem to the outside for a little added zing.  A contrasting inside collar stand provides interest and flat-felled seams were used throughout.

When I purchased the fabric for the second shirt, the description said it was grey.  When it arrived, I would call it more a muddy tan (far from grey).  Regardless of the color, I like it and fortunately since both shirts used white thread for sewing, I was able to stitch each similar seam one immediately after the other.  This is probably no faster but feels as if two shirts are made in little more time than one requires.

The second shirt also includes a contrasting collar stand and bias back yoke and pocket.  It too has flat-felled seams.  The buttons are real deal antique mother of pearl.

I’ve done a little more nighttime washcloth knitting.  I plan to use a few for Valentine’s gifts.  They will serve as a little token without being romantic and mushy.  My current life has no room for romance or mush.

The washcloths are also serving to stall my first attempt at sock making.  I’ve bought expensive yarn and tiny size needles needed for making socks but I’m incredibly intimidated by the whole prospect.  I know the intimidation is unreasonable and the Internet (YouTube) is at hand for instruction/help but for some strange reason, I find learning the project daunting.  I also want to see how I’m effected by knitting with wool yarn.  Inherited from my father, I have a wool allergy but since I’ve avoided wool my entire life, I’m anxious to see if I’ve outlived the allergy.  Simply touching the yarn doesn’t seem to cause problems thus far.

In hoping an added ‘nudge’ will help me get over my unfounded fear, I’ve vowed not to purchase any more yarn until a serious attempt at knitting socks is accomplished.  After all, thousands of people knit socks every day! We’ll see how it goes!

In the past few days, I’ve suspected Mother Nature has forgotten how to read a calendar!  IT’S WINTER, LADY!  February is usually our coldest, iciest and nastiest month of the year.  Not this year!  Our current high temperature is hovering at 80°.  We will drop into the mid-60° range later this week but still, that’s warm for this time of year.  I’m not complaining but I am a little fearful for what summer will bring.


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