Thanks! and more knitting

First I would like to thank Ceci, Helen, Sheryl and Janice for the kind words.  They truly helped carry me through a difficult day.  Thank you for caring.  It is so appreciated.

After crying a few tears on our anniversary, I decided to remember funny times… those rare moments that have me laughing decades later.  I also spent a few hours cooking.  I baked a half ham slathered with dijon mustard, sweet potatoes and cooked some of the purple hull peas I had frozen from our garden.  The meal, though eaten alone, was delicious, as were several consequential leftover dinners.  Today for breakfast, visiting Jacob and I enjoyed grilled ham and cheese sandwiches on whole grain and there is more ham to freeze for later.  No ham ever goes to waste in this house!

I have devoted more time to knitting.  I finished the second fingerless mitten… this one without mistakes!  Since I plan to use them at home, I don’t mind they aren’t perfect but will serve their purpose well.  They were knitted with Caron® Simply Soft Paints in the color Oceana. I don’t know the yarn weight for sure but it feels and knits like sport weight and the sizing was perfect using size 7 needles.  The pattern called for either DK or worsted weight.  I frankly don’t know what ‘DK’ means as much has changed since I ‘understood’ knitting terms.

The next thing I knitted is a snuggly cowl.  It’s made completely with garter stitches and finished 13″ x 60″ before stitching into a loop.  I used Lyon Brand® Homespun® bulky weight yarn and size 10 needles.  The color of the yarn is Painted Desert.

Not only do I love the soft texture and colors but I will enjoy the versatility of the garment.  I can wear it as shown as a long cowl but because it’s so long, there is plenty to cover my head on misty, rainy or windy days.  I can even wrap it around my neck twice for a snuggly turtle neck.  With the width, I can completely cover my shoulders and upper back for added warmth.  It will be useful in so many ways this winter and I know I’ll enjoy wearing it!

I’m currently knitting a narrow scarf in shades of turquoise and gray worsted yarn.  When this is done, I hope to make some lacy, feminine fingerless mittens.  I also plan to drag out a sewing machine and make myself some flannel and fleece pajama pants and if yardage allows, some warm t-shirts too.

Have a great week!!





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