Dreading tomorrow

Tomorrow marks a wedding anniversary with hubster and myself.  Usually we would celebrate the day by him purchasing and grilling rib eye steaks while I made either loaded baked or garlic mashed potatoes and a green salad or veggie.

This will by my first November 10th alone.  Without the hubs, things will be very different.  I won’t think about our long ago struggle to purchase wedding rings in the correct sizes (without resizing) or originally planning to get married on 11-11-77 (lucky numbers) but having to move it one day earlier because of Veterans Day.  I won’t give a thought to my father-in-law presenting me a corsage saying ‘every bride should have flowers’ and welcoming me to his family.  I won’t remember our lunch break jaunt to the courthouse or the shortage of cash to pay the license/judge’s fee (it cost more than anticipated) and the funds contributed by total strangers also waiting to be married.

No, I won’t think about these things……MUCH.

Instead, I will be a little sad without him but thankful for the many years we were together.

The house is too quiet and my memories too loud.  I definitely need a distraction!


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