Halfway to 30

In my quest to make a month of shirts for Jacob, this one represents the half-way mark.

#15 - Half way to goal!

Shirt #15 (quilting cotton)

This shirt is made with gorilla fabric Jake selected years ago and I’ve kept in my stash.  In hopes of making another casual shirt, I asked him if he still likes it.  He gave a resounding “YES!” and plans to wear it to work on ‘Casual Friday’.  What fun!

To change things up, I decided instead of assembling the shirt with my vintage Kenmore (circa 1972) machine, I’d use the Singer 301a (circa 1951).  My theory is the older the machine, the nicer the straight stitch.  I wasn’t disappointed with the stitching on this shirt.  I even used its old buttonhole attachment and it worked wonderfully.  The only drawback to using this straight-stitch-only machine is there’s no way to attach buttons by machine.  I hand sewed them.

The shirt is made with the same KwikSew pattern I’ve used many times but with my own ‘sharks tail’ collar.  All seams are flat felled.  It’s another well-made shirt.

I have several choices when deciding which will be the next shirt.  I have flannel and chambray for long sleeved shirts or fabric for dress and casual shirts.  I’m currently undecided so I’ll continue hand stitching the Urban Renewal quilt top until the decision is made.  I never run short of projects!

Last week, I canned 12 more jars of sugar free hatch pepper jam.  We like it so much, we are eating it quickly and after Jacob took home a jar and tasted it, he has requested more.  Strangely, he especially likes it on pizza!  Thus far, Bob and I eat it with breakfast and on fresh baked, warm bread.  Good stuff!


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