Facial surgery

Here we are already more than half through December and though winter hasn’t officially begun, I’m tired of it.  It seems we’ve had enough grey, breezy, chilly days.  I’m ready for short sleeves, short pants and flip-flops!

Earlier this month, my two skin cancers were removed.  After being assured I could safely drive myself to and from the surgical facilities in Tyler (over 1¾ hours away), I assumed everything would go smoothly and I went alone.  I should have remembered VERY little goes smoothly when my health is involved and doctors don’t always review one’s chart before cutting.  Thankfully, I was conscience throughout and able to remind them I am allergic to epinephrine.  During surgery, I was informed I am a rather free bleeder and epinephrine was needed to control the bleed.  HELLO?!  ARE YOU LISTENING?!!  NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOUR ARGUE, I AM TRULY ALLERGIC TO EPINEPHRINE!!!

No matter my insistence, epinephrine was administered (in very small doses) so I spent most of the surgical time with my eyes rolled back, on the edge of fainting (the precursor to my typical epinephrine-induced seizure).  Fortunately, full-blown seizures were avoided by my own pure will and insistence they BACK OFF with the epi!

I was stitched and bandaged in a hurry and told to keep pressure and ice on the wounds for several hours to help stop the bleeding.  With lesions on each side of my face, was I to drive with my elbows?  SHEESH!

The instructions for wound care included the need for Vaseline and Tylenol, neither of which I keep at home so I had to stop to pick up those items.  I made sure to stop at a store where I would not be recognized as I had two HUGE (both as big as my hand), bloody bandages on my face.  By the time I got home, it appeared I’d been on the losing end of serious knife fight.  Needless to say, I stayed hidden until I felt safe omitting bandaging, making the surgical sites less conspicuous.  It also took me several days to recover from the effects of epinephrine (absolute exhaustion) so staying home was easy.

The visible stitches have now been removed but my body is rejecting the tiny interior stitches, which were supposed to melt on their own.  Contrary to instructions, using cuticle scissors, I’m able to clip away those stitches when they push through the skin and become exposed.  OH WHAT FUN!  Had I followed instructions, I’d be at the clinic every blasted day.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN!  I’ve been sewing and unsewing over 6 decades!

I’m definitely hesitant to mention the two new suspicious spots I’ve discovered.  This Has NOT been a drama-free, fun game!


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