Tah Dah!


Shirt #19 (seersucker)

With much self-prodding and refusal to accept my own excuses, I’ve finished Shirt #19.  It’s blue/white seersucker with blue buttons, chevron pocket and contrasting collar back and stand.  It has a sharks tail collar.  Jacob is expected to visit this weekend so will try on this slightly altered pattern for fit.  If this one suits him, I’ll make several more from seersucker fabric newly added to my stash.  If it doesn’t fit, I’ll tweak the pattern again and make another.

Though the past two shirts haven’t fit perfectly to his liking, they are still very wearable and fit better than any off-the-rack shirt.  He likes them and wears them so nothing lost.

We’ve received news this week of DH’s sister’s passing.  She died last November but since she was estranged from her family, we only heard of the death when a family member found the obituary on the Net.  It’s amazing how close, blood relatives can drift so far apart.  I’m saddened by the news but not surprised as she chose to live without family contact.

It remains blinding hot here and I expect it to continue until at least mid-September.  We’ve begun discussing the possibility of planting a cool-weather garden in a month or two but it’s hard to consider with temperatures reaching 105°F each day.  We’re also not sure if DH’s health and side effects from treatments will allow him to operate our heavy tiller.  We’ll just hope for the best and take what we get one day at a time.


Update:  This shirt fits perfectly and with recently increased exercise, the past two shirts fit too.

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