Shirt #17


Shirt #17 (Quilting Cotton)

In hopes of allowing my raw fingers to heal a bit, I took time away from quilting and made this shirt for Jacob.  It’s number 17 of the shirts made for his new position at work.  I acquired the fabric in an unusual way.

I’ve been picking up marked down bolt ends of fabric from a few of my favorite online shops and a piece of this fabric was included.  I fell in love but since it was a bolt end, the shop had none and no plans to order more.  I shopped over a dozen online stores with no luck so I went to eBay.  I had no idea of the manufacturer or designer so I searched for ‘peacock feather fabric’ and found it offered by one seller.  Unfortunately it wasn’t cheap but I had to have it.  I knew it would make a gorgeous shirt.

I’ve taken dozens of photos under different lighting situations and get nothing that correctly represents the rich beauty of the fabric…. but take my word for it, it’s a darned pretty shirt!  (Yes, that’s my own hand patting myself on the back!)

It’s not much different than many of the shirts I’ve made.  This one has a single pocket, rounded collar, contrasting black inner collar stand and inner yoke.  The buttons are teal mother-of-pearl and the top stitching is done with black thread.  It has a rounded, tuck-in style tail.

… and thankfully, my raw, sensitive fingers are feeling a little better (until tonight when I’ll return to quilting).

We are in the process of preparing for our Thanksgiving celebration this weekend.  In order to keep Jacob off the busy roads during the holiday, he will be here this weekend.  With our encouragement, he has requested smoked turkey.  While Bob tends the smoker,  I plan to make others of Jake’s favorites including au gratin potatoes and green bean casserole.  I’m still considering making a cinnamon swirl or apple/cinnamon cake he also likes.  Regardless of what we eat, we will enjoy seeing him and sharing family time.


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