I REALLY need another quilt….

NOT!!.. but I just can’t stop myself!  I have come to understand how my grandmother, after gifting many, died with an attic stuffed with finished quilts.  They are sooo darned fun to make!

Urban Renewal embryo

Urban Renewal embryo

I’m taking a little break from the sewing machine (making shirts gets boring after a while) to enjoy some hand piecing.  I spent a few days researching which pattern I wanted to make when I came upon this one called ‘Inner City’.  It’s made with half-hexagons of colors in light, medium and dark  values.  It spoke to me in more ways than one.

First off, I like the 3D effect of the pattern.  Secondly, I enjoy English Paper Piecing (the assembly method of these units), but mostly, the pattern speaks to my frugality.  I already have unused cut hexagons left from assembling my ‘Grandmother’s Flower Garden’ quilt top.

I pulled out the box of leftovers and after careful measuring, I decided the size of these hexi’s is perfect when trimmed for the new project. 

I drew new papers (for paper piecing), copied them and cut them from last year’s drug insurance handbook.  Used paper is ideal for this project.

I dug around the leftovers and was able to match 3 values of many fabric colors.  Some units will require I cut new half-hexi’s for one of the color values.  Most of little half-hexi’s will come from my small bits-n-crumbs bin.

I put together the pictured units last night.  Ithe addictive quality of labor intensive English Paper Piecing.  It’s mindless busy-work for my hands as I watch movies or visit with family.  I’m also attracted to expending what is essentially trash to become a useful thing of beauty.

Hmmmm, think I’ll call this quilt ‘Urban Renewal’.

We enjoyed a wonderful, extended weekend with Jacob and (as always) hated to see him leave.  We look forward to his next visit.


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