Blog problems


Last week, a blog hop was announced at Celebrate Hand Quilting so I submitted my blog to be included.  I very seldom have visitors so was excited at the prospect.

I worked hard on my blog for several days… cleaning off the deck so I could take pictures outdoors of many of my quilts and writing articles to match the pictures.  I dug out unfinished items and wrote about them too.  I wanted my visitors to learn more about me and my quilting journey.  I wanted to show them I can ‘walk the walk’.

Just after midnight before my blog was announced for the hop, I wrote a post to welcome my new visitors.  At that time, I checked and everything was working fine.

As luck would have it, my blog was hacked just after that post.

If it wasn’t for a notification on Facebook by a friend who visited my blog, I might have never known that my Comments button wasn’t working.  Upon closer inspection, I found none of my archived posts or links were visible.  I was heartbroken that the bulb burned out on my chance to shine.

I worked all day to try and fix the problem.  No go.  Bob, who understands HTML coding and has written several nice websites, invested several hours searching for the problem with me at his side.  Still no go.  In the evening when Jacob was available, I had him look at my blog, both on the reader/admin side and the server side and he can see where the problem began but doesn’t know what caused it.  He suspects I was hacked.

Fine.  Great.  Disgusting.

I’ve worked several days to make the blog nice, then worked a couple more trying to fix the problem.  I GIVE UP!   Had I been quilting instead, much progress would have been made on my current projects.  Had I been sewing garments instead, I’d have a new summer wardrobe.  Had I been reading, I’d have finished my current book and started another while feeling well rested.  Had I been cleaning…. NAH!  Wouldn’t happen.  Instead to show for the hard work, I have a serious outbreak of eczema, usually controlled symptoms of Myasthenia Gravis, a headache and have had several sleepless nights.

This sucks!

I think I’ll go back to being a quilter.  The blogging world isn’t worth the trouble.  It will certainly go on without me!


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