There’s no doubt about it, it’s been a HOT summerThis is the warmest we’ve ever seen in Grapeland since moving to the area 20 years ago.  The air conditioner never stops roaring and the electric meter zings. I fear our next bill!!!

This picture is of the remote readout for the thermometer mounted in the shade overlooking our garden area.

While temperatures have been HOT, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a few things:

  • It’s important to know, okra is crazy!  While all other plants are dead or dying, with only a little water once or twice a week, okra flourishes… and when okra is happy, grasshoppers are happy.  Those plant munchers are large enough to filet!  I harvest (okra, not grasshoppers) each morning before the heat becomes unbearable.  Gooood eating!


  • Don’t leave 2 liter bottles of carbonated drinks in the car through a HOT afternoon.  Bob went to the grocery store and purchased a dozen sodas (to feed Jake’s fizz addiction) along with a bunch of groceries.  When he returned home, we unloaded the car, but we got tired and HOT so left the drinks to be brought inside later.  MISTAKE!   The bottles got HOT, pressurized and the containers split.  We’re so lucky they didn’t explode or leak all over the car.  Not noticing what had happened, we brought them inside where they started to hiss and seep.  Lesson learned!


  • Some of our super special wireless Internet equipment is heat sensitive.  We have 8 customers (socked in by pine trees) which require special wireless equipment for delivery.  Each day, when the thermometer rises to 104° without a breeze, that equipment shuts down.  I have no clue how HOT it is on the tower where the equipment is mounted but it’s obviously too HOT.  Each evening as the temperature drops, the equipment works again and there seems nothing will fix this problem except cooler weather.  Fortunately, the customers would rather suffer the minor inconvenience than lose our service.  Most of these same customers are suffering water and food shortages for their livestock so a little downtime for Internet is minor by comparison.  <shrug>


  • We have free-range dogs as does everyone in our area.  Lolita’s and Coalie’s original owners live across the road on two large properties.  Both dogs enjoy visiting their old homes for a little while each day and the old owners encourage it.  The dogs also enjoy swimming in the neighbors’ ponds.  Lately, Coalie (Newfoundland mix) stays inside (too HOT for his arctic blood) as does Nugget (he seldom treks anymore – getting old).  Lolita, with her bubbly personality and slick fur, doesn’t mind the heat so much and loves visiting Marie, who spoils her with tasty treats and a welcoming lap.  Recently Lolita returned home limping and whining.  After checking her paws, I discovered she had blistered her pads while crossing the HOT road.  OUCH!  I mentioned it to Marie so now she sometimes drives over and picks up Lolita for an afternoon visit and lets her walk back home in the evening.  Sometimes Jake drops her off so she still gets to socialize.  Yep, she’s spoiled!


  • After experiencing 110° temperatures for several days, 103° seems downright pleasant.




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