Long time, no blog!

No excuse.  No reason for the lack of posts.  I won’t even lie and say I’ve been too busy.  It just seems it’s one of those things I can put on the back burner even if breathing is the only other thing happening.  I’d claim to try to be better, but that may be a lie too.  Yep, I’m a flake!

Lately, I’ve been feeding the freezer and allowing it to feed me.  I continue cooking for myself and when I do, I make certain to prepare extra to freeze.  It sure makes daily meal preparation easier as I have quite a stash of pre-cooked entrees from which to choose.  There’s spicy baked chicken, bar-b-que chicken, oniony chicken w/rice, mushroomy chicken, roasted chicken w/dressing, roasted turkey w/dressing, bar-b-que pork ribs, creamy chicken/spinach enchiladas, spaghetti sauce, chili, shrimp fried rice w/veggies, hearty beef/veggie soup, chicken noodle soup, pork chops smothered with onions, and shrimp gumbo with okra and rice.  On days I don’t plan to cook, I decide what I want to eat for dinner and pull it from the freezer to defrost.  Then, all I have to do is choose which side dishes I want to include (usually commercially frozen vegetables) and quickly prepare them.  This system is nearly as easy as preparing a commercially available TV dinner but MUCH better tasting, less expensive and more nutritious.   In addition, this system keeps me from being forced to learn to prepare food for a family of one (depressing!).  I love it!

As soon as the weather cools a bit, I plan to make a big batch of pork tamales.  They freeze so well and make excellent gifts.  Though they may be months away, I’ve already received requests from family/friends.

During spring and summer when fresh vegetables are readily available, I purchase those that freeze well and I often use.  This week, I bought bell peppers and celery.  I use both a lot when I cook but it kills me to spend $1+ for a bell pepper when they are out of season.  The local farmers’ markets have lots of fresh bell peppers on sale for 4-5/$1, I’ve stocked up.  I clean them thoroughly, de-seed, dice them and put them into the freezer.  It’s so convenient to grab a handful from the bag when cooking something yummy.

Today, my hands smell of celery!  When celery was on sale this week, I purchased 2 big bundles and today cleaned them well and diced them for the freezer.  I now have enough chopped celery to last months and months.  This is MUCH better than discarding stalks of celery that have turned into brown water.  It’s tough for a single person to use an entire bunch of celery before it melts!  This way, I never lose any to the compost bin.  I’m keeping my eyes opened for other veggies and herbs that freeze well.

I’ve continued to knit small items for family.  Though it’s currently too warm to wear them, I’ve made new hats for my son’s household.  Each was very well received!  I also made several new washcloths but didn’t photograph them.  Jacob was very glad to receive them.3 hats

Here’s hoping you’re staying cool during this oppressively hot summer.  I’m so praying and looking forward to cooler weather!  Stay safe and be kind!



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