Bobby Shoemake is a dishonest and incompetent roofer

After getting multiple estimates to re-roof our home, I hired Bobby Shoemake Welding and Roofing, Latexo (Houston County), TX.  There were many promises made by Bobby directly to me concerning when the job would start, who would actually do the work, written warranties, etc..  As it turned out, none of these promises were true.

Materials arrived and a crew of ‘English is their second language’ men began the work.  Because of our complex roof line and his personal experience with this metal product, Bobby had promised HE would be the only person installing our roof.  He never showed up to work or supervise the job.  Since I wanted the job done and had no knowledge of this crew’s lack of experience, I didn’t halt the work.   My mistake!!  After looking at the new roof for 2 weeks, I can see this crew didn’t know how to install a metal roof, made ridiculous, unsightly shortcuts and butchered the job.

Also, after multiple claims from Bobby Shoemake that they ran short on trim and he has ordered more, the job remains unfinished.  Trim has not been installed on the front/east part of the house or on the west end of the attached carport.  Bobby promised two weeks ago it would be finished to my satisfaction ‘within a few days’.  It hasn’t happened.  After multiple requests, I still have no written warranty for workmanship or materials.

At this point, I’d be shocked if Bobby Shoemake made good on his promises or finished the job.  It seems completely ignorant not to invest an hour of time and a few strips of trim to finish in hopes of having a satisfied customer.  I’m always surprised at the total moronic stupidity of some people/companies of the benefit of positive word-of-mouth advertising.

My next step is posting in multiple places online my opinion of Bobby Shoemake, his lies, his shoddy workmanship and non-existent ethics.  Until now, he has had no web presence.  I’m resolving that in hopes of informing his prospective customers what to expect from this dishonest roofer.  Fortunately for me, I have personal access to a great number of his local potential customers.  I also know how the court system works and have no fear of it.  I vow to hit him where it hurts most….. his pocket.

Hey Bobby Shoemake, you’ve jacked with the wrong person!


08/28/14 UPDATE:  Will wonders never cease?!!  Without any communication or notification, the crew showed up this afternoon and installed the remaining trim.  I was shocked to see them here but glad the roof is done.  I still hope  to see Bobby Shoemake for final inspection and to provide warranty paperwork.  We shall see.

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