I feel compelled to sing praises about Comfortis dog dope for fleas. This stuff is AMAZING!

In early summer, we began suffering a major flea infestation. The weather in East Texas has been perfect for flea production and they soon invaded our home and property. YUCK!!

When Lolita suffered a major health problem, we decided to give the new Vet in the area a try. He’s young and cute and truly cares about pets. Did I mention he’s cute?

I asked him about an effective flea treatment for our dogs and first he said not to waste our time or money on dip. It simply doesn’t work. My thoughts exactly!! When I mentioned our dogs’ sensitivity to the meds dabbed to the backs of their necks, he told me about Comfortis.

It’s a tablet that is given to each dog with food. It lasts 30-45 days (6 weeks on our three dogs). When fleas jump onto the dog, they die within minutes, giving the fleas no time to create eggs. If there are fleas in the house, the dogs act as a “Flea Motel”… the fleas check in but they don’t check out. In less than 2 weeks with the dogs running inside and out, our flea problem was eradicated. Another good point is Comfortis is cheaper to use than those back-of-the-neck remedies and it doesn’t wash off when the dogs go dipping in the pond.

We’ve now been using this product for over 3 months and it’s wonderful! Our vet happily sells us individual doses so each month or so, I stop by to purchase a round.

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